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3x3 Street Slammer

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Fully galvanised portable basketball goal designed for 3x3 events


Full Description

The Schelde 3x3 Street Slammer portable basketball goal. Sold individually - price is for ONE unit (not a pair)

This 3x3 unit is fully galvanised and perfect for outdoor 3x3 events.


  • 1.6m projection
  • Professional safety padding included
  • Fibreglass backboard 180x105 cm, basketball ring with safe net mount and anti-whip net
  • Storage position 2940x1800x640 mm
  • Play position 4515x1800x3050 mm
  • Three available ring heights:
    • 305cm
    • 280cm
    • 260 cm
  • Counterweight is necessary but is not included (matching steel drum for counterweight ref 24S1627821 can be ordered separately)
  • Complete with front wheels. Optional wheeled transporter truck (ref 24S2300560) is available at additional cost