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Digital timer / clock

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Digital clock with count-up / count-down timer. Infra-red remote control. Available in a range of sizes.

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Full Description

These digital clocks show the time of day when not in use for timing. They are ideal for sports halls, schools and arenas or factories and public meeting areas.

For timing, they are controlled by an infra-red remote control and have count-up and count-down functionality.

They are mains powered and therefore require a suitable 13amp power supply (socket of fused spur).

The prices shown are for supply only. If you would prefer the timer to be installed by Continental technicians, please add a "Timer installation" to your basket before checkout.

The timers come in two versions:

  • 4 digit
  • 6 digit

and three digit sizes:

  • 9cm with 35m readability
  • 12cm with 50m readability
  • 16cm with 60m readability

Dimensions of 4-digit clocks:

  • 9cm high digits: 500mm x 180mm x 90mm
  • 12cm high digits: 640mm x 220mm x 90mm
  • 16cm high digits: 1,000mm x 320mm x 90mm

Dimensions of 6-digit clocks:

  • 9cm high digits: 700mm x 180mm x 90mm
  • 12cm high digits: 900mm x 220mm x 90mm
  • 16cm high digits: 1,400mm x 320mm x 90mm