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Turn dodgeball on its head with DodgeAttack - the digital interactive target game for trampoline dodgeball courts


Full Description

In dodgeball the object is to avoid being hit by your opponents' balls. DodgeAttack turns this on its head - you try to be hit by your opponents' balls to prevent them hitting the illuminated interactive targets located behind and above you. Each time a target is hit by a ball, the throwing team wins a point and receives audio-visual feedback of the strike.

Intense Teamwork Challenges

Work as a team to hit your opponents’ light-up interactive targets, whilst defending your own. Score points every time you hit a target - accuracy and agility are key!

Dramatic & Eye Catching

Illuminate your Dodgeball court with 1m back-lit targets, a gigantic new scoreboard and stunning sound system. It’s Dodgeball like never before.

Highly Responsive Design

Targets have been designed to respond across their surface. Whether it’s a slam shot or an underarm dribbler, the hit registers along with a flash and sound effect.


Can be retro-fitted in any Dodgeball court with simple mountings and straightforward connections - in a single day. Choose between a 3-lane (6 target) or 4-lane (8 target) DodgeAttack depending on the size of your court.


The targets are robust, bulletproof and backed up by a 12-month full service warranty.

The DodgeAttack Program

Players compete in teams or 1-on-1 to build a huge score before the timer runs out.

Each target is lit up and ready to play when the ‘Play’ button is pressed – a sound effect signals game start and end with other effects each time a target is successfully hit (along with a flash of the LED’s).

The winner is the team with the highest score after 2 minutes of play and the scoreboard indicates which team that is.