Ancillary Equipment

From training aides, to floor anchorages, to scoreboards for your competitions, Continental manufactures a range of useful products for your gym.

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  1. Gymnastics floor anchor

    Gymnastics anchors. To suit a solid floor with a vinyl or carpet surface, or a solid floor with a battened sports floor. SUPPLY ONLY.

    Price from: £22.00
  2. Gymnastics handchalk

    Highest quality powdered hand chalk. Ideal consistency and quality for gymnastics. 20kg sack

    Price from: £220.00
  3. Budget chalk bowl stand

    Budget chalk bowl stand

    Price from: £50.00
  4. Deluxe chalk bowl stand

    Deluxe chalk bowl stand with plastic bowl and storage compartment

    Price from: £159.00
  5. Yurchenko take-off pad

    PVC covered foam pad for use on a vault runway with handspring style vaults

    Price from: £41.00
  6. Hip trainer protection pad

    Hip Trainer Pad. Enables hip circle training without stressing the hips. Available in two diameters.

    Price from: £27.00
  7. Foam coaching blocks

    Multipurpose foam coaching blocks with PVC covers. Cushioned foam body with a firmer foam top for standing on. Available in huge range of colours to suit your gym

    Price from: £324.00
  8. Asymmetric bar protection pad

    PVC covered bar protection foam pad

    Price from: £23.00
  9. Bar pad with strap handle

    PVC covered bar foam pad with nylon handle for quick removal - suitable for use with uneven bars, high bar and parallel bars

    Price from: £109.00
  10. Fold up coaching platform for asymmetric (uneven) bars & high bars

    Auto-retracting, flip-up coaching platform for uneven bars and high bar. Designed for four different locations on the uneven bars depending on your coaching style and preferences

    Price from: £322.00
  11. Roof mounted hauling / storage cradle

    Roof mounted electrically winched hauling and storage cradles 

    Price from: £3,011.00
  12. Junior Gym - single rebounder

    Junior Gym - mini-gymnastics apparatus designed for children up to 10 years old

    Price from: £692.00

Items 25-36 of 41

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