Junior Gym

We have been inundated with requests to manufacture a serious range of junior training equipment to the same high standards as our regular gymnastics apparatus. So, after working closely on the product development with various leading gymnastics coaches across the country to determine exactly what they require, we can now bring you our "Junior Gym" range of training aids for the younger gymnast.

We think this apparatus will become an essential part of every gym. Not only does this equipment deliver fantastic training opportunities for your promising young gymnasts, but as gymnastics training facilities need to be increasingly commercial, it can be a great selling point for building up your "recreational gymnastics" customer base.

The equipment is modular, permitting easy changes between different arrangements - for example, you could start with a rebounder and then just buy the extra components to convert it into a set of asymmetric bars.

This isn't "toy" apparatus - it is made to the same rigorous standards as our FIG approved gymnastics equipment

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  1. Just for Kids - Mini horizontal bar

    Mini horizontal bar from the SPIETH "Just for Kids" range

    Price from: £1,358.00
  2. Just For Kids - Mini uneven bars

    Mini uneven bars from the SPIETH "Just for Kids" range

    Price from: £1,744.00
  3. Mat for Just for Kids apparatus

    Soft landing mat designed to suit the SPIETH "Just For Kids" range of mini apparatus

    Price from: £831.00
  4. Just for Kids - Mini parallel bars

    Mini parallel bars from the SPIETH "Just for Kids" range

    Price from: £1,649.00
  5. SPIETH - Flic-Flac Trainer

    Flic-Flac trainer for learning handspring and backflip moves

    Price from: £207.00
  6. High bar / uneven bar floor supports

    Floor supports for training on high bar or uneven bar (bar not included). Sold as a PAIR

    Price from: £155.00
  7. Junior Gym Component - Ringframe ring and strap

    Ring, strap and karibiner to suit the Junior Gym ringframe inner upright. Price per one unit. Two are needed for one Junior Gym ringframe

    Price from: £208.00
  8. Junior Gym Component - Ringframe inner upright

    Junior Gym ringrame inner upright. Priced per upright only without ring or strap

    Price from: £104.00
  9. Junior Gym Component - Rebounder rail (with brackets)

    Solid timber low level rail with brackets to attach to base rails. For use as a hand hold / pivot bar for rebounder activities.

    Price from: £126.00
  10. Junior Gym Component - Padded bungee cover

    VELCRO® Fastener attached foam filled pvc covered pad to attach to bungee cables on Junior Gym rebounders.

    Price from: £34.00
  11. Junior Gym Component - Bungee cables with fittings

    Bungee cable for Junior Gym rebounders. Fittings attach to a pair of inner uprights.

    Price from: £36.00
  12. Junior Gym Component - Fibreglass rail

    Fibreglass rail for Junior Gym for asymmetric bar, high bar or parallel bar use. Attaches to inner uprights.

    Price from: £164.00

Items 13-24 of 28

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