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  1. 33 Series "Team Gym" heavy duty trampette

    Heavy duty model trampette specially designed for the rigors of Team Gym

    Price from: £615.00
  2. The "Dorado" TeamGym trampette

    The best TeamGym trampette in the world.  The Dorado from PE-Redskaber

    Price from: £1,976.00
  3. The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table

    The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table from PE-Redskaber. Designed in conjunction with TeamGym UK

    Price from: £2,897.00
  4. AirTrack+

    AirTrack+ sealed airtrack tumbling piste with flat surface. Does not need permanently attached blower!

    Price from: £3,207.00
  5. TeamGym Landing Area

    Official size landing area for TeamGym. 7m x 4m x 330mm. Complete with PVC coverall.

    Price from: £5,280.00
  6. TeamGym Safety Strips

    Safety strips for attachment to a TeamGym tumble track.

    Price from: £518.00
  7. TeamGym tumble track run-up

    Run-up for PE Redskaber / LEG TeamGym tumble track. 16m long x 1m wide.

    Price from: £5,113.00
  8. TeamGym tumble track

    TeamGym tumble track from PE Redskaber / LEG. 15m x 2m wide track. Fully compliant with UEG Directives for TeamGym.

    Price from: £19,299.00
  9. Dorado bumper set

    Additional safety padding for the dismount end of the Dorado TeamGym trampette

    Price from: £244.00
  10. Transport system for "Tarpan"

    Integral transportation system and base padding for the "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table

    Price from: £684.00

10 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction