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Hi-Ultra Air Bike

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HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - air bike

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Full Description

The Hi-Ultra Air Bike is the ideal cardio product for cross-training, functional circuits, group high-intensity sessions and boutique-style studio designs.


The resistance is delivered by a fan, which is driven by power and speed pedal long with two handles that move back and forth. Users are able to determine intensity and resistance by effort.


26 ABS blades are molded into a one-piece construction. This makes the ride more stable and quiet, compared to traditional steel blades.

Seat Support and Pedals

The seat support and pedals are manufactured from aluminum alloy. This material is less prone to corrosion, helping to provide a long service life.


The Hi-Ultra Air Bike is powered by the Impulse V-Belt Drive. This provides a smooth and consistent ride without extra maintenance or high cost.


The workout data can be syncronised to your smart devices via Bluetooth or ANT+. You can then track data with 3rd party applications which manage your training more scientifically, this helps users to make more of a specific training plan.