Continental manufactures and installs a full range of equipment for indoor cricket practice. We can advise on the ideal layout to suit your sports hall, level of intended play (e.g. ECB standard or club standard), budget and other requirements. Each installation is bespoke to your requirements. Please call us to help plan and advise on your facility.

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  1. Cricket matting

    Cricket matting is essential on certain floor types such as timber, and is recommended on most vinyl floors to provide protection from cricket bats and balls.

    Price from: £455.00
  2. Cricket matting storage creel

    Timber storage creel with integral handles for the safe and easy storage of rolls of cricket matting

    Price from: £78.00
  3. Cricket matting curved trolley

    Curved mat trolley for the storage and transportation of rolls of cricket matting

    Price from: £146.00
  4. Cricket spring return stumps

    Sprung loaded stumps for indoor cricket practice

    Price from: £62.00
  5. Cricket practice netting

    Retractable netting for indoor cricket practice

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  6. Roof mounted hauling / storage cradle

    Roof mounted electrically winched hauling and storage cradles 

    Price from: £2,690.00
  7. Cricket bowling machine

    Cricket bowling machine - professional model

    Price from: £2,220.00
  8. Cricket bowling machine - autofeed

    Cricket bowling machine - automatic feeder

    Price from: £407.00

8 Items

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