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  1. Indoor tennis posts

    Indoor removable tennis posts with net. Floor anchored.

    Price from: £483.00
  2. Integrally weighted tennis posts

    Integrally weighted tennis posts - ideal for situations where socketed tennis posts cannot be used. Suitable for all surfaces. Net and centre band adjuster included.

    Price from: £1,847.00
  3. Steel freestanding tennis posts

    Our most popular selling freestanding tennis posts have been redesigned to be suitable for use on all court surfaces by clubs and schools.

    Price from: £862.00
  4. Wheelaway mini tennis posts

    Wheelaway Mini Tennis Posts complete with net

    Price from: £442.15
  5. Tennis scoreboard

    Electronic scoreboard for tennis. Indoor and outdoor versions. With or without programmable player names

    Price from: £2,272.00
  6. Indoor tennis hall divider netting

    Tennis hall divider netting to separate courts. Suspended from steel cables, or aluminium trackway.

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6 Items

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