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  1. Volleyball posts - Continental "Club" model

    Standard volleyball posts for school, leisure centre or club use. Supplied complete with a steel headline volleyball net

    Price from: £333.00
  2. Volleyball posts - Continental "International" model

    Continental "International" model volleyball posts with net. A robust post for durable insitutional play

    Price from: £958.00
  3. Multi-height practice net

    Full length or full width practice nets designed to suit any length or width of sports hall for group volleyball or badminton practice

    Price from: £446.00
  4. SRX socketed volleyball posts (Fixed height posts)

    The Schelde Sports SRX (Spring Regulated eXchange) volleyball system with FIXED HEIGHT posts

    Price from: £1,384.00
  5. SRX socketed volleyball posts (Telescopic posts)

    SRX socketed volleyball posts (TELESCOPIC posts)

    Price from: £1,668.00
  6. T-base above ground volleyball post socket

    T-base to enable utilisation of socketed SRX volleyball posts where deep sockets cannot be installed

    Price from: £413.00
  7. Schelde net cable pads

    Set of padding for volleyball net chain and cables

    Price from: £338.00
  8. Post padding for volleyball posts (PAIR)

    Pair of post pads to suit one pair of volleyball posts (fixed height, telescopic, socketed, floor anchored)

    Price from: £397.00
  9. Volleyball umpires platform

    Volleyball umpire platform. Freestanding platform to suit all posts. For use standing or seated.

    Price from: £845.00
  10. Volleyball umpires stand

    Volleyball umpires stand to suit Continental's "International" model volleyball posts

    Price from: £263.00
  11. Club model volleyball net

    Volleyball net to suit Continental's club model volleyball posts

    Price from: £38.00

11 Items

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