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International Tatami judo mats

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International judo mats. Traditional extra-high density chipfoam with a "Tatami" rice grain effect vinyl cover and latex underside. Available in green and red as standard and in blue and yellow on special order

Price from: £73.00
Price from: £73.00

Full Description

Traditional high density heavyweight Tatami judo mats, avialable in 40mm and 50mm thicknesses.

The mats feature a vinyl surface and are constructed using a special heavy density fire retardant foam. The vinyl cover has a traditional rice-grain "Tatami" embossed surface pattern. An optional frame is available to hold a group of mats together to create a competition area.

Traditionally the combat area is green and the safety surround is red, but increasingly facilities choose a yellow combat area with a blue safety surround. We offer both combinations - and other colours subject to a surcharge for a minimum order quantity per colour - please contact us for details.

These mats are typically purchased in quantities to create different size combat areas as follows:

Matting area Description Quantity of 2m x 1m mats in green or yellow Quantity of 2m x 1m mats in red or blue
8m x 8m 8m² combat area 32 0
10m x 10m 8m² combat area with 1m safety surround 32 18
12m x 12m 8m² combat area with 2m safety surround 32 40
14m x 14m Competition standard 8m² combat area with 3m safety surround 32 66

The mats are normally provided in 2m x 1m dimensions but are available in 1m x 1m dimensions - simply double the quantities in the above table if you prefer 1m x 1m mats. Both sizes of mat are available in 40mm and 50mm thicknesses.