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PE-Twisting Ring

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The NEW PE-Twisting Ring from PE Redskaber. Precision twisting belt with removable harnesses.


Full Description

Developed by our partners PE Redskaber of Denmark, this high specification PE-Twisting Ring is a part of the new PE-Twisting Belt system.

Focusing on quality, use, design, and minimum costs for maintenance, this ring has been developed to the highest specification and works with the PE-Belts to provide an ultra-low friction, secure, high-performance twisting belt.

PE-Belts for the PE-Twisting Ring are dual-function: they work as agility / somersault belts without the ring, and when used with the unique simple coupling system in the ring they provide an adjustable size twisting belt.

With standard twisting belts if you want a small, a medium and a large belt you need to buy three full twisting belts, but with this ingenious new system from PE-Redskaber, you only need one PE-Twisting Ring and three separate PE-Belts that you clip in and out of the PE-Twisting Ring. And PE-Belts not being used in the ring can be used as agility / somersault belts separately.

The PE-Twisting Ring is one-size to suit all three PE-Belts which are available in 3 sizes to suit different waist sizes:

  • Small (YELLOW): 63 – 73 cm (25" - 29")
  • Medium (RED): 71 – 88 cm (28" - 35")
  • Large (BLUE): 82 – 105 cm (32" - 41")

The ring is supplied without a belt which must be ordered separately. You can see this innovative NEW PE-Twisting Belt System demonstrated in the video below: