Mat / storage trolleys

Manufactured in house by Continental and therefore ideal for transporting and storing Continental mats, our range of mat trolleys provides a solution whatever mats and storage space you have.

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  1. Mat trolley - horizontal

    Mat trolley for the horizontal storage of PE mats, exercise mats, judo mats and agility mats

    Price from: £148.00
  2. Mat trolley - vertical

    Vertical mat trolleys for the storage of mats that a sufficiently rigid to be stored vertically

    Price from: £151.00
  3. Mat trolley - inclined

    Inclined mat trolley for the storage of all types of exercise and PE mat. With or without an integral equipment storage box.

    Price from: £193.00
  4. Trolley for floor protection products

    2m x 1m trolley. Ultra heavy duty. Ideal for jumbo carpet tiles or canvas floor druggets but also great for high density 2m x 1m judo mats

    Price from: £408.00
  5. Safety mat / "crash" mat trolley

    Mat trolley designed to hold safety / "crash" mats. Store and transport safety mats in your facility.

    Price from: £559.00
  6. PE, sport and general equipment storage cart / trolley

    Multi-purpose storage cart. Ideal for bats, balls, PE play equipment

    Price from: £296.00
  7. Sports equipment storage trolley

    Sports equipment storage trolley. Three separate compartments

    Price from: £316.00
  8. Equipment storage cage

    Sports equipment storage cage. Lockable for secure storage

    Price from: £424.00
  9. Ball trolley

    Lockable, portable trolley for ball storage. Holds up to 25 footballs!

    Price from: £373.00
  10. Deluxe PE trolley

    Deluxe PE storage trolley. Includes 3 tiers of storage baskets. Fully welded and supplied assembled.

    Price from: £500.00
  11. Ball storage cabinet

    Large lockable ball storage cabinet. On castors. Holds up to 100 footballs!

    Price from: £672.00
  12. Mat gate climbing frame

    The mat gate climbing frame - combined mat storage unit and climbing frame in one simple wall hinged frame

    Price from: £324.00

Items 1-12 of 17

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