Continental are delighted to offer a full range of play equipment to complement our range of fixed and portable PE equipment for younger children.

We offer bats, balls, beanbags and a huge number of other interesting and fun items to enhance your physical education, movement, dance and play activities.

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  1. Mega Parachute Pack

    Parachute canopies with a large pack of accesories for a class of up to 32 children

    Price from: £155.97
  2. Parachute Accessories Kit

    Large pack of accessories for use with parachute canopies

    Price from: £50.83
  3. Beanbags (Set of 40)

    Beanbags sold in packs of 40. Available in blue, green, red and yellow, or assorted. 

    Price from: £28.15
  4. Primary Team Kit

    Colour coded 103 piece kits for "house" competitions in primary schools. Available in red, blue, green and yellow.

    Price from: £93.69
  5. Alphabet Beanbag Set

    Set of 26 Alphabet Beanbags. Multi-coloured beanbags with upper and lower case letters on each beanbag

    Price from: £27.02
  6. Arithmetic symbol cones

    Set of 15 arithmetic symbol cones for use with the set of number cones

    Price from: £14.16

Items 25-30 of 30

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