Welcome to Continental Sports’ Spares Shop. Many of our sports hall, PE and gymnastics products have user-serviceable spare parts available that you can fit yourselves or purchase to provide to your maintenance team to fit. Many of our school and university customers purchase a stock of commonly required or wearable spare parts to reduce the downtime of frequently used sports or PE equipment.

We want to ensure you purchase the right part for your product so we provide a number of ways you can search for parts. You can

  • Search through our product catalogue and click on the “Spares” tab next to any product to see all available spare parts for that product
  • Search the spares shop for a particular spare if you know the name of the part you are looking for
  • Search our spares shop for the product you need a spare part for and using the interactive hotspot images you can find, identify and purchase any available spare parts

If you are unable to find the spare part you require using any of the methods above, then please take some photographs of the spare part (close-ups showing the part and from a distance so we can identify the product). Please then email those images and your details and request to:

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  1. Rubber hoof

    Rubber hoof (P.783.A GY) for steel bar box and vaulting buck

    Price from: £8.00
  2. Leg brace assembly - SHORT (inc.spring)

    Leg brace assembly - short leg - for Continental trampettes

    Price from: £42.00
  3. Beam rubber end cap

    Rubber end cap for ladies gymnastics beam

    Price from: £54.00
  4. WTP-158 Flexello wheel
    Price from: £2.25
  5. K018/38 screw on buffer in grey

    Screw on rubber buffer

    Price from: £1.45
  6. Uneven / asymmetric bar wood

    Replacement uneven / asymmetric bar wood for Continental Sports uneven bars

    Price from: £381.00
  7. Asymmetric / uneven bar cable set

    Asymmetric bar / uneven bar cable set

    Price from: £849.00
  8. Aluminium cable slider

    Aluminium cable slider for trampette cables

    Price from: £1.75
  9. Coverall pads for 55 trampette complete with lace
    Price from: £91.00

    Floor guard for trampoline legs

    Price from: £8.50

    Floor guard for trampette legs

    Price from: £3.75
  12. Leg brace assembly - LONG (inc.spring)

    Replacement long leg brace assembly for Continental Sports Ltd trampettes

    Price from: £43.00

Items 37-48 of 49

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