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Spectator seating

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Transportable, stackable spectator seating. Full set seats up to 54 people

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Transportable and stackable spectator seating from Continental - is a great addition to your sports hall or leisure centre. Spectator seating can be notoriously difficult to set out and takes a huge amount of precious storage space. The answer to your problem is these new units from Continental that are wheel-away and stackable to minimise storage space.

The frames of the units are epoxy powder coated in red, black, blue, yellow, green or white (other colours available as special order).

Units are designed for indoor use, but can be used (but not stored) outdoors.

Seats, foot-rests and steps are lacquered timber.

Each unit features a removable back-rest and a set of side frames.

Full sets comprise one each "Large", "Medium" and "Small" size with a step unit. "Small" stacks into "Medium" and "Medium" stacks into "Large". And the steps stack into any of the units.

A full set of 3 seating units and 1 step unit provides seating for approximately 54 people:

  • Large - up to 18 people
  • Medium - up to 18 people
  • Small - up to 15 people
  • Steps - up to 3 people (there is a seat and backrest on the top row of the steps unit)

The seating system can easily be erected and dismantled by one or two people. The units are designed to fit through double sports hall doors.

The units should not be transported whilst stacked, but transported individually and then stacked for storage.

Each element features integral drop leg pins fixed to the units on chains to enable the units to be fastened securely together when in place.

We assume that each unit you order will be set out as one long run and we therefore include only two side rails. Should you want the additional flexibility of other arrangements please order additional side rails.