PVC colours

PVC Colours

We manufacture a wide variety of products with PVC covers - exercise mats, wall padding, coverall pads, safety matting, netting storage pouches - and many other items.

We offer six standard colours which are always available and a wide range of 23 other "special" colours which are available either ex-stock or on short lead times. Any PVC upholstered item is available in any of the standard colours at the prices listed on our website (or at the prices on any quotation provided to you).

Trampoline park padding should be selected from the "Special PVC Colour" range.

PLEASE NOTE: The colours below are scanned from samples of the actual material but colour reproduction is limited by the scanning process and your monitor / printer. If an exact match / colour is vital to you then please request a sample before ordering.

The RAL and HEX equivalent codes are our estimate of the closest standard colour codes to the actual PVC but are not necessarily an exact match. 


Standard PVC colours

Standard blue PVC Standard red PVC Standard green PVC

Standard Blue

Standard Red

Standard Green

Standard yellow PVC Standard jade PVC Standard white PVC

Standard Yellow

Standard Jade

Standard White

Special PVC colours

C1 - Plum PVC C2 - Cherry PVC C3 - Yellow PVC C4 - Orange PVC

Plum - C1

RAL 4008

Signal Violet

Hex: #844c82

Cherry - C2

RAL 3020

Traffic Red

Hex: #bb1e10

Yellow - C3

RAL 1003

Signal Yellow

Hex: #f9a800

Orange - C4

RAL 2004

Pure Orange

Hex: #e25303

C5 - Grey PVC C6 - Bright Green PVC C7 - Lime PVC C8 - Dark Green PVC

Grey - C5

RAL 7040

Window Grey

Hex: #989ea1

Bright Green - C6

RAL 6037

Pure Green

Hex: #008b29

Lime - C7

RAL 6018

Yellow Green

Hex: #61993b

Dark Green - C8

RAL 6016

Turquoise Green

Hex: #00694c

C9 - Fuschia PVC C10 - Sand PVC C11 - Pale Blue PVC C12 - Ice Blue PVC

Fuschia - C9

RAL 4010


Hex: #bc4077

Sand - C10

RAL 1002

Sand Yellow

Hex: #d2aa6d

Pale Blue - C11

RAL 5012

Light Blue

Hex: #0089b6

Ice Blue - C12

RAL 5015

Sky Blue

Hex: #007cb0

C13 - Dark Blue PVC C14 - Black PVC C15 - White PVC C16 - Pink PVC

Dark Blue - C13

RAL 5002

Ultra-marine Blue

Hex: #00387b

Black - C14

RAL 9017

Traffic Black

Hex: #2a292a

White - C15

RAL 9016

Traffic White

Hex: #f1f0ea

Pink - C16

RAL 3015

Light Pink

Hex: #d8a0a6

C17 - Silver PVC C18 - Aqua PVC C19 - Orangina PVC C20 - Brown PVC

Silver - C17

RAL 9007

Grey Aluminium

Hex: #878581

Aqua - C18

RAL 5021

Water Blue

Hex: #007577

Orangina - C19

RAL 2008

Bright Red Orange

Hex: #ed6b21

Brown - C20

RAL 8017

Chocolate Brown

Hex: #442f29

C21 - Lilac PVC C22 - Lemon PVC

Lilac - C21

RAL 4005

Blue Lilac

Hex: #76689a

Lemon - C22

RAL 1018

Zinc Yellow

Hex: #faca30

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