I have seen specific guidance for badminton which states the lighting should be at 5m above the floor. How does this work with the clear height requirements?

There is some Sport England guidance specifically related to badminton which highlights additional requirements for higher level badminton. In it, there is a statement that luminaires should be 5m above the floor.

This requirement for 5m high lighting is however only relevant in badminton-specific venues or high level badminton facilities with a 9.0m clear height requirement over the courts.

In such halls the luminaires should be positioned to the sides of the courts (never over them) and the lighting is either:

  • permanently suspended from the roof at the 5m height (which is incompatible with a multi-sport environment), or
  • fixed to a retractable gantry that lowers to 5m and raises to high level when other sports are played, or
  • individually retractable motorised luminaires are used in facilities with multi-sport height requirements
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