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Trampoline - Rebound therapy model

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Designed for Rebound Therapy with an UltraMesh bed. School size trampoline complete with roller stands

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Full Description

Approved by ReboundTherapy.orgOur Rebound Therapy trampoline is a 77 series school model trampoline with an UltraMesh bed and is approved by for use as a rebound therapy trampoline.

As well as Rebound Therapy, this trampoline can also be used for basic school trampolining. The trampoline is supplied with coverall frame pads.

This trampoline is supplied with either fixed height or hydraulically assisted "Safelift" roller stands


  • Frame size 4.6m x 2.75m x 1.0m.
  • Folded size 2.75m x 2.0m x 0.8m.
  • Bed size 3.6m x 1.8m

Height of trampoline when on stands:

  • fixed height stands - 2,000mm
  • Safelift stands (high position) - 2,010mm, Safelift stands (low position) - 1,780mm


  • Hydraulically assisted "Safelift" roller stands
  • Safety coaching sides. These are extension pieces to the trampoline framework running the length of the trampoline on both sides. These, along with extra width coverall pads provide an area where a carer (or second carer) can stand without affecting the performance of the trampoline. We would recommend safety sides are specified to provide the most flexibility for rebound therapy. The upgrade price to add safety sides includes the extra cost for the additional width coverall pads to cover the wider sides.PLEASE NOTE: if you specify coaching sides, you cannot specify hydraulically operated Safelift roller stands as these items are incompatible.


The Rebound Therapy "UltraMesh" bed is a two layer bed with an UltraMesh material on the top which provides good grip for users in socks - which was specially developed in conjunction with the Rebound Therapy Organisation, and an under-layer for additional safety of genuine Permatron. The UltraMesh is available in a choice of colours:

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green


As standard we supply contrasting coverall pads to the UltraMesh. As standard the colours are:

  • Grey UltraMesh = Red coveralls
  • Red UltraMesh = Blue coveralls
  • Blue UltraMesh = Light blue coveralls
  • Green UltraMesh = Grey coveralls

Coveralls are also available a wide range of non-standard colours. Please specify with your order the colour you require if it is not standard

Bed border:

As standard we sew a 50mm wide nylon border in YELLOW around the perimeter of the bed to provide a visual clue as to where the bed ends and the pads start. This helps visually impaired people to discern where to keep their feet so as to avoid getting feet or hands under the pads and near the springs. Alternative contrasting colours of border are available but YELLOW will be used if no other colour is specified. 


We recommend our foam trampoline steps are used to provide easy and safe access onto the trampoline. These are available at additional cost - please click the "Accesories" tab above to add them to your basket.