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Trampoline parks from Continental Sports LtdContinental Sports is the largest UK manufacturer and installer of trampoline parks. From a standing start some three years ago, we have installed over 45 parks throughout the UK, and more recently in France, Spain, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with many more at the design and manufacturing stages.

Continental has been at the forefront of the development of trampoline parks and their safety since their introduction in the UK - our Managing Director is Vice Chairman of the UK Sub-Committee of the IATP (the International Association of Trampoline Parks) and represented manufacturers on the BSi Steering Group that wrote the recently published British Standard for trampoline parks - PAS5000:2017

At Continental we have used our huge experience of manufacture and installation of gymnastics and trampolining equipment to develop a modular system for trampoline park installation.

The video to the right shows an amazing video of SpeKtrum having fun around a recent trampoline park installation by Continental at Orbital, Luton. It shows the main park, performance trampolines, walk-the-wall trampolines, gymnastics sprung tricking floor, Ninja, foam pit and more! (CREDIT: SpeKTrum)

Our bespoke in-house manufacture enables you to have your own "look and feel" for your facility with colours of padding and beds to suit your scheme - for example we offer 28 colours of PVC for padding, and 6 colours of UltraMesh for beds.

Please call us on +44 (0)1484 542 051 and ask for one of our technical sales team who will be pleased to start work with you on your project.

In the meantime please refer to our Trampoline Park FAQs page on trampoline parks that will answer many of your questions, or please download our handy guide booklet - "Continental Sports - Trampoline Park System FAQs"

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  1. Cargo bags

    Cargo bags from Continental - the best, most sturdy and durable cargo bags available for your adventure park or Ninja challenge

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  2. SkyPod Zone

    Test your fitness and reactions with a SkyPod Zone

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  3. Wall Padding

    Wall padding in a range of foam thicknesses, heights and colours. Corners, columns and cutouts all accommodated.

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  4. Column padding

    PVC upholstered padding to columns to protect participants in a room

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  5. ModuBlox

    Developed by Continental Sports in conjunction with British Gymnastics, ModuBlox provide an exciting and challenging range of obstacles for Freestyle Gymnastics and Parkour activities

    Price from: £10,500.00
  6. Tribond carpet surface matting

    Carpet surface runway mats. Carpet surface on a 30mm foam base. Ideal for gymnastics activities. Can be attached with Velcro to create exercise areas

    Price from: £462.00
  7. Dismount pit - airbag

    Airbag dismount pits for trampoline parks and gymnastics training facilities

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  8. Dismount pit - foam pit

    Foam filled dismount pits for trampoline parks

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  9. Resi-pits

    Resi-pits. Designed for falling onto from adventure, ninja and obstacle course elements, rather than dismounting into from trampolines.

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  10. Fully foam filled pits

    Fully foam filled landing pits for adventure parks, obstacle courses, traversing walls, battle beams and similar landing activities

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  11. Dismount pit entry - trampoline

    Trampoline or trampoline track entry point into an airbag or foam dismount pit

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  12. Dismount pit entry - 15º angled trampoline

    Angled trampoline entry point into an airbag or foam pit

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Items 25-36 of 50

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