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"Two-in-One" steel wall hinged climbing frame

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The "Two-in-one" climbing frame. Steel wall hinged climbing frame - a space saving steel frame with a wide range of design options.

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Full Description

The Two-in-one is an epoxy powder coated steel wall-hinged climbing frame. Each frame is made up of two half-gate designs. The half-gates are bolted together on site to create one frame and typically installations will be two frames (a total of 4 half-gates). Having two frames arranged as a pair (see the photos) gives the flexibility of using linking and bridging apparatus to span between the frames.

Your choice of half-gate designs is shown below:

Two-in-One gate half-gate designsThe image above of a pair of frames shows:

  • Frame 1 = Adjustable horizontal poles & Window ladder
  • Frame 2 = Adjustable horizontal poles & Linked rings

Each frame requires 3m of wall storage space. Pairs of frames can be folded alongside each other, or can be arranged to fold over each other to reduce necessary wall space. Windows and radiators can be spanned with ease.

How to order: 

1) Decide on the height of your frames - 3.0m (10') - primary, or 3.6m (12') - older primary or secondary

2) Select a half-gate and add it to your basket.

3) Add a second half-gate to your basket to make your first frame.

4) If you want a pair of frames, please repeat this process to add another two half-gates - so for a pair of frames as shown in the pictures above, you should add a total of 4 half-gates to your basket.  We will contact you prior to processing your order to confirm the half-gates you want closest to the wall and those furthest from the wall.

The price shown includes installation costs, but a modest Area Charge will be added at the check-out based on your postcode. You do not have to complete your purchase until you have seen that charge 

When purchasing linking and bridging items to span between a pair of frames, you require 10' (3m) linking apparatus

A pair of frames includes one wall fixed tension clamp for the overhead tension cables. You have the option of padding this - see the accessories tab for details.

Colour choices: Your gates will all be epoxy powder coated in grey unless you specify different colours in the notes section when you order. Available colours (which can be mixed and matched by the half-gate) are grey, red, blue, yellow, white and black. We will contact you prior to processing your order to confirm your colour choices.