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ULTRA - Seated Leg Curl

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Commercial quality highest specification Seated Leg Curl single station strength machine from the Matrix ULTRA range

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Full Description

The powerful and comfortable ULTRA Series gives you the most advanced functionality with an intuitive design that couldn’t be easier to operate. All ULTRA Series equipment is designed for smooth converging and diverging movements to encourage a natural path of motion and enhance user comfort.

Features of the ULTRA Series:

  • User Amenities All single-station units offer a convenient accessory pad, personal device holder and towel hook.
  • Incremental Weights Easy to access and reference from the seated position.
  • Electronic Rep Counter Tracks reps, activity time and rest time for a streamlined workout experience.
  • Independent Converging/Diverging Motion Encourages a natural path of motion to enhance comfort.
  • Exercise Placards Easy-to-read reference cards highlight targeted muscle groups and proper machine use.
  • Action Specific Grips Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on contact points while enhancing feel, function and form.

Features of the Seated Leg Curl machine:

  • Back pad, tibia pad and range-of-motion adjustments are easily accessible from a seated position
  • Angled seat and unique pivot location encourage full hamstring contraction
  • Gas-assisted adjustable thigh pad and thumb switch control allow easy user setup
  • Soft contoured thigh pad provides optimal comfort during use

ULTRA machines are available with the Intelligent Training Console - a digitally connected, guided experience with step-by-step equipment instruction. The intuitive interface makes it easy to identify benchmark weight and start a personalized progression program. Review previous workouts to chart development, and maximize results to reach individual goals more efficiently than ever. Please contact us for details of pricing of this add-on.