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Clear polycarbonate rebound boards

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Transparent sports hall rebound screens with clear polycarbonate infill panels. Designed for court level viewing from bleacher seating whilst protecting spectators from projectiles. Transparent screens are ideal for roller hockey.


Full Description

Continental developed sports hall rebound screens with transparent polycarbonate infills to suit a roller hockey rink with bleacher seating to the side specifically for the new Middlesbrough Sports Village. Since then we have installed clear rebound boards in an increasing number of sports halls to enable people on seating to see through the screens, or to enable wheelchair users to have a better view through a run of screens.

These screens allow people on one side of the screen a clear view right down to the court level whilst still offering amazing impact protection to withstand hockey sticks and balls.

The polycarbonate infill is designed with a main 12mm thick layer of polycarbonate sandwiched with a 2mm "wear sheet" layer of polcarbonate courtside. Polycarbonate is indestructible, but can be finly scratched leading to a hazy effect in the longer term, so should the abrasive nature of the activity courtside lead to scratching of the polycarbonate this system allows low-cost replacement of the wear sheet to provide an enduring clear screen.

The screens are designed as standard to have activity on one side and viewing on the other, but can be specially made to allow for activity on both sides.