Maintenance Service

From a safety perspective, and to prolong its economic life, the regular maintenance of all sports hall, trampolining, gymnasium, P.E. and gymnastics equipment is essential. British Standard 1892 Part 1:1986 states that “It is important that all physical education apparatus is maintained in a first class, fully safe condition. General maintenance should take place regularly. An inspection should be carried out at least once a year.” We recommend that all relevant equipment is serviced at least annually by properly trained and experienced Continental engineers.

All sports hall, trampolining, gymnasium, P.E. and gymnastics equipment must only be used by suitably trained and qualified personnel and all such equipment must be visually inspected by the suitably trained personnel prior to each use. That regular inspection must be backed up by a regular inspection from a third party such as Continental’s maintenance team.

We have a dedicated maintenance department to undertake safety inspections and preventative and reactive maintenance on indoor sports equipment, gymnastics equipment and physical education equipment. We also offer an inspection service on outdoor physical education and sports equipment.

If you would like to arrange a maintenance visit please contact us today.

Prior to placing your order please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Equipment Maintenance. All orders for maintenance work to be undertaken are accepted on these terms and you should ensure you have read, understood and accepted these terms. If you are unable to fully understand or read our terms and conditions please call us on 01484 542 051 - we would be happy to email, fax or post a larger type version to you.