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  1. Mobile Gym Ball Rack

    Tranportable gym ball rack. Adjustable shelves. Holds 6 Gym Balls

    Price from: £175.00
  2. Wall Mounted Mat Hanger

    Wall mounted hanger to store mats with eyelets 36cm apart

    Price from: £75.00
  3. Freestanding Mat Hanger

    Freestanding portable mat hanger to suit all our mats with eyelets

    Price from: £185.00
  4. Studio Yoga Mat

    Cushioned, textured foam yoga mat for individual use

    Price from: £14.00
  5. Gym ball rack - 12 balls

    Floor mounted gym ball rack designed to hold 12 gym balls of varying sizes

    Price from: £203.00
  6. Weighted gym ball

    Weighted gym balls available in three colour-coded dimensions. Reduces movement of gymballs between workouts

    Price from: £30.00
  7. Anti-burst gym ball

    Anti-burst gym ball available in three colour-coded diameters

    Price from: £23.00
  8. Sandbag rack

    Sandbag storage rack. Holds up to 5 sandbags

    Price from: £167.00
  9. Slam balls

    Slam Balls for training explosive slamming movements. Available in sizes 3kg to 15kg

    Price from: £15.00
  10. Double sided medicine / slam ball rack

    Double sided medicine ball rack. Holds 10 medicine balls

    Price from: £231.00
  11. Medicine / slam ball rack

    Single sided medicine ball rack. Holds 5 medicine balls or slam balls

    Price from: £184.00
  12. Double grip medicine balls

    Medicine balls with double grips to allow a different range of workouts to traditional medicine balls as the user is able to lift greater weights. 6kg to 10kg

    Price from: £62.00

Items 25-36 of 47

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