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Movable pit system

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Electrically operated movable pit system.  At the push of a button reveal sunken trampolines and pits that raise to floor level (and above) as if by magic.


Full Description

Continental are delighted to offer to our customers in the UK the PE Redskaber movable floor pit system. We work closely with your architects and PE-Redskaber's engineers to ensure your building is designed to accomodate this state of the art system.

Your sports floor is installed on top of the pit system and at the press of a button a section (or sections) of the floor fold up and to the side to enable a much wider choice of multi-sport activities than a traditional sports hall. This really is the best way to provide bespoke gymnastics training without needing to build a gymnastics specific hall.

Underneath the floor you can accomodate anything from solid foam pits, loose foam pits to high performance trampolines. As these systems are manufactured bespoke for each situation please talk to us if you have any other purpose or idea for which you need a removable floor system.

The system is installed in many facilities throughout Denmark and is typically installed in school sports halls to allow practice for the huge sport of TeamGym

The system from PE-Redskaber has various bespoke safety features including a system to prevent operation should a person be detected in the system, and a system that removes the bounce from sunken trampolines so that the trampolines cannot be used unattended.

A movable pit system is great for a multi-purpose room that wishes to offer rebound therapy, but please note that the smallest system possible accomodates two standard size trampolines so this will be larger than most rebound therapy rooms.

If you wish to consider this system it is best to do so for new facilities at an early stage in their planning so that we can provide details of the dimensions that must be allowed for underground, and so that we can advise on the optimal location for the system in your room.

The videos below shows a typical installation in action:

A recent installation of a double pit system with dismount pit and two trampolines under a new vinyl cushioned sports floor is shown below: