Netting and canvas colours

Sports hall netting colours

The vast majority of sports hall netting that we install is in standard colours:

  • Division netting - typically blue or green to match the standard Sport England blue or green sports hall wall colours. Increasingly facilities are concerned about the look and feel of the room - especially when being used for non-sporting events - and black netting and canvas is increasingly popular. We now offer black as a standard colour. These colours are shown below but please note that canvas is a natural material that is batch dyed so there may be differences in colour between batches.
  • Cricket netting - white netting with natural just off-white canvas

The storage pouches used for division netting, or storage envelopes used for cricket netting are normally blue, green or black to match the standard division netting, but are available in any of our wide range of PVC colours. Storage pouches can incorporate full colour digitally printed branding panels at additional cost. 

We sometimes have batches of other colour netting and canvas available from time to time, and are also able to custom-dye netting and canvas to any colour for special requirements, but with relatively large minimum order quantities) - so please call to discuss availability of the exact colours you need for your project.

Sports hall divider curtains - green canvas Sports hall divider curtains - green netting Standard green PVC
Green canvas Green netting Standard Green PVC for storage pouch
Sports hall divider curtains - blue canvas Sports hall divider curtains - blue netting Standard blue PVC
Blue canvas Blue netting Standard Blue PVC for storage pouch
Sports hall divider curtains - black canvas Sports hall divider curtains - black netting Sports hall divider curtains - black PVC
Black canvas Black netting Black C14 PVC for storage pouch
Cricket netting - white natural canvas Cricket netting - white netting PVC colour range
Natural "white" canvas White netting Wide range of PVC colours available for storage pouches
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