Polyester canvas colours

We offer this PVC backed knitted polyester canvas as a durable modern alternative to traditional canvas. This material can be used for:

  • Safety "crash" mats
  • Agility mats
  • Wall padding panels
  • Column pads

The knitted fabric provides a durable attractive finish that is warm to the touch compared to PVC coated fabric. The PVC backing enables the fabric to be wipe clean using warm water and a sponge and ensures the item does not absorb water.

The polyester canvas has the following attributes:

  • Wipe clean, non-absorbent
  • Warm and soft to the touch
  • Available in a range of deep, rich colours
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Premium look & feel
Red polyester canvas Blue polyester canvas
Close-up scan of red polyester canvas showing the knitted polyster fabric Close-up scan of royal blue polyester canvas showing the knitted polyster fabric

Colour Range

Red Blue Grey
Red Royal Grey
Purple Slate Mauve
Purple Navy Taupe
Burgundy Green Mud
Burgundy Light olive Bottle green
Black Brown White
Black Brown White


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