Futsal court dimensionsAn increasingly popular game, this is the FIFA recognised version of five a side. Unlike the traditional UK five -a-side, Futsal is not played off walls or rebound boards and there is a runoff requirement around the court.

Minimum recreational and club court sizes and runoffs have been adjusted to allow Futsal to fit into a standard 4-court hall, otherwise the preferred run-off of 3m (required for national and international play) may be reduced to 2m where space is limited.

We have included some useful drawings for download at the foot of the page:

  • Drawing CM-20 - shows the standard markings for a Futsal court
  • Drawing CM-31 - shows the anchor positions for a pair of Continental steel futsal goals

Layout and run-off guidance for a Futsal court:

Community Club Premier International
Minimum height over court (mm)
No prescribed minimum height applies
Length (mm) (min-max)
25000-31000(1) 31000-42000(1) 31000-42000 38000-42000
Width (mm) (min-max)
15000-16000 16000-25000 16000-25000 18000-22000
Run-off surround (mm) (min-max)
1000 1000-2000 2000-3000 3000(2)
(1) The side walls or rebound boards are not used in Futsal and a run-off is a requirement. For community and club levels of play the court sizes and run-offs can be adjusted to allow Futsal to fit into a four court sports hall, otherwise the preferred run off of 3m is required for national and international play. However this may be reduced to 2m where space is limited.
(2) Additional space is required for benching / tables / officials / team benches
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CM-20 - Futsal court marking drawing
Court marking drawing for a Futsal pitch
CM-31 - Futsal goal anchor locations
Anchor positions for Continental's steel Futsal goals