Hockey (indoor)

Indoor hockey pitch dimensionsIndoor hockey requires a suitable skirting down the sides of the court to ensure the ball stays in play. This skirting should be angled downwards to prevent the ball kicking upwards off the surface. This can be achieved either by permanent specialist skirting down the sides of the walls (if it is accepted not to have the recommended run-off down the sides of the court), or by the use of portable removable hockey sideboards – Continental can supply either of those solutions.

A hockey court (even at minimum size) is too large to fit in a standard 4-court hall, however our experience is that school hockey can be successfully played in such a hall using a smaller court.

We have included some useful drawings for download at the foot of this page:

  • Drawing CM-04 – shows the standard markings for an indoor hockey court

Layout and run-off guidance for in indoor hockey pitch:

Community Club Premier International
Minimum height over court (mm)
No prescribed minium height applies
Length (mm) (min-preferred)
36000-44000 36000-44000 36000-44000 36000-44000
Width (mm) (min-preferred) (excluding sideboards)
18000-22000 18000-22000 18000-22000 18000-22000
Run-off behind back lines (mm)
3000 3000 3000 3000
Clearance outside sideboards (mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Extra one side for officials and team areas- min (mm) N/A 1200 1200 1200
The playing area should be kept to a ratio of 2:1 length:width
Categories: Court markings and court dimensions


CM-04 - hockey pitch line marking drawing
Court marking drawing for an indoor hockey court