Netball court dimensionsNetball court size has recently been a hot topic in standard sports halls. The governing body had set run-off requirements which resulted in a necessity to shrink the court to fit the run-offs in an "old" 33m x 18m hall. The governing body has now formally confirmed that smaller run-offs than standard can be permitted, subject to risk assessment, to allow a full size court to be marked.

We have included some useful drawings for download in the panel to the right hand side of this page:

  • Drawing CM-05 – shows the standard markings for a netball court
  • Drawing CM-18 – shows anchor positions to suit Continental's competition floor anchored netball posts. These posts must be anchored
  • Drawing CM-28 - shows anchor positions to suit Continental's standard netball posts. These are freestanding but can be anchored if required
  • Drawing CM-24 - shows socket locations to suit socketed competition netball posts.

Layout and run-off guidance for a netball court:

Community Club Premier International
Minimum height over court (mm)
7500 7500 7500 8300
Length (mm)
30500 30500 30500 30500
Width (mm)
15250 15250 15250 15250
Baseline to wall - min (mm)
2000 3050 3050 3050
Sidelines to wall - min (mm) 1500 3050 3050 3050
Between parallel courts - min (mm) 3000 4000 4000 4000
Space between parallel courts with a division net at the side of the court - min (mm) 3000 6100 6100 6100
Extra one side for officials and team areas - min (mm) Optional Optional 2000 2000
England Netball confirm that where there is insufficient space for a full size (30.5m x 15.25m) court and full size run offs, then there should be a risk assessment to allow reducted run offs with the court being retained at 30.5m x 15.25m. This gives scope to accomodate a full size court in an "old" 33m x 18m hall subject to appropriate risk assessment.


Sport England data sheet

Sport England data sheet - netballSport England have released various sport-specific data sheets for key sports in conjunction with the National Governing Bodies. These sheets are intended to be used in conjunction with Sport England’s ‘Developing the Right Sports Hall’. They relate to Step 5 ‘Establishing the Project Brief’ and identify the needs of the priority sport and the key secondary sports. They show the requirements for the ’Priority Sport’ at various levels of play and how other ‘Secondary Sports’ can fit into the same overall space

You can download this data sheet from the Downloads section at the foot of this page.

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Sport England Data Sheet - Netball
Details of Sport England requirements for netball as a priority sport in a multi-sport sports hall
CM-05 - Netball court dimensions
Court marking drawing for a standard netball court
CM-18 - Netball anchors (Competition posts)
Anchor positions for Continental's competition netball posts
CM-28 - Netball anchors (School model posts)
Anchor positions for Continental's standard school model netball posts
CM-24 - Netball sockets (socketed competition posts)
Socket positions for Continental's socketed netball posts