I have a central run of lighting and a central division net. How do I accommodate both in my sports hall?

If there is a central division net we are often asked how to deal with the conflict between that and a proposed central run of lighting. Sometimes clients are concerned that the closed division net will block the light if the lights are put to the side, or if the lights are over the track that shadows will be cast.

The important thing is that the division net is centrally located as it is that which will divide the hall in half, and the lights should be accommodated around that.

A division net made of netting at the top does not block much light and does not cast shadows, but we have seen situations where architects have decided to put in two “central” runs of lights, one on each side of the central division net. We have also seen situations where the luminaires on the central run of lights are alternated on each side of the division net, and we have seen situations where the lights are offset to one side by say 200mm. All of these options have been deemed acceptable and often the choice comes down to aesthetic preference.

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