What colour should I paint the walls of my sports hall?

There are no hard and fast rules on the colour and we see a range of colours. The important thing is to avoid white. Badminton shuttles are very hard to see against a white background and we would recommend a contrasting non-distracting colour such as a green or a blue is chosen for painted walls. In areas where a white background is required such as indoor cricket, we provide a white canvas sightscreen to highlight the cricket ball.

Sport England are not prescriptive on this matter but their guidance for badminton (the sport where wall colour is most important) is that colours with a reflectance value of 30-50% are found to give the best playing conditions - green (Dulux Colour dimensions code 30 GG 40/290) or an equivalent blue (86 BG 43/321) are suggested. Any doors or coverings should be finished in the same colour as the walls.

Suggested green from Sport England - Dulux ref: 30 GG 40/290 Suggested blue from Sport England - Dulux ref: 86 BG 43/321

As well as the typical colours shown above we encounter a wide range of alternative colours, some of which are shown below:

Sports hall walls in lilac Sports hall walls in blue Sports hall walls in orange
Sports hall walls in mint green Sports hall walls in pea green Sports hall walls in blue
Sports hall walls in pale blue / grey Sports hall walls blue and lilac Sports hall walls in timber
Sports hall walls white
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