What should the dimensions of my sports hall be?

The majority of sports halls in the UK are known as "4 court halls". This refers to the number of badminton courts in the hall.

Traditionally 4 court halls were 33m long x 18m wide in England and slightly longer in Scotland.

Most halls are still constructed to the 33m x 18m dimensions, although Sport England changed its guidance in 2011 to 4 court halls being 34.5m x 20m.

At the same time Sport England changed its guidance on the clear height above the courts from 7.6m to 7.5m to reflect a change from Badminton England whose sport has the highest minimum height requirement for club level play.

Some sports halls are larger with 6-court and 8-court halls being quite common - with the largest we have installed being 20-courts.

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