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VERSA - COMBO Lat Pulldown / Seated Row

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Commercial quality COMBO Lat Pulldown / Seated Row single station strength machine from the Matrix VERSA range


Full Description

The attractive full commercial quality VERSA range from Matrix features:

  • Consistent weight stack height across the range for a sleek, uniform looking fitness suite
  • Action specific ergonomically designed grips
  • Gas-assisted seat adjustment for smoother and easier height adjustment
  • Electronic rep counter and timer to track rep numbers, rest and exercise times
  • Ergonomic adjustment handles for ease of use
  • Heavy weight stack providing suitable challenge for all levels of users
  • Incremental weights for micro-adjustment between major plates

This COMBO Lat pulldown / Seated Row machine features:

  • Clearly indicated adjustments for ease of use
  • Stainless-steel cable guides provide added protection for lasting durability
  • Elevated foot rests provide stability and comfort during heavy lifts
  • Thigh pad easily adjusts to provide stability and comfort
  • Weight stack: 104kg (230lb)
  • Incremental weight: 2.3kg (5lb)