Basketball court line markingsThe FIBA basketball court layout changed in 2010 to bring the court more into line with the NBA layout. That change did away with the trapezoidal shooting key and replaced it with a rectangular key. The overall dimensions of the court and the projection of the backboard into the court are unchanged, so old style courts can be re-marked with the new markings without having to change basketball goals.

We have included some useful basketball court line marking drawings at the foot of the page:

Drawing CM-13 - shows the standard basketball court layout

Drawing CM-10 - shows the guidance for a mini-basketball court. These are rarely marked in full size sports halls, but provide a suitable set of markings for a smaller hall used by younger children.

Layout and run-off guidance for a basketball court:

Community Club Premier International
Minimum height over court (mm)
7000 7000 7000 7000
Length (min-preferred) (mm)
26000-28000 26000-28000 26000-28000 28000
Width (min-preferred) (mm)
14000-15000 14000-15000 14000-15000 15000
Baseline to wall - min (mm)
1050(1) 1050(1) 2050 2050
Sideline to wall - min (mm) 1050(1) 1050(1) 2050 2050
Extra space one side for officials and team areas Optional 1000 1000 2000
(1) 1050mm is permitted to allow larger 28m x 15m size courts to be located in smaller halls. However wherever possible the preferred minimum run-off is 2050mm


Sport England data sheet

Sport England data sheet - basketballSport England have released various sport-specific data sheets for key sports in conjunction with the National Governing Bodies. These sheets are intended to be used in conjunction with Sport England’s ‘Developing the Right Sports Hall’. They relate to Step 5 ‘Establishing the Project Brief’ and identify the needs of the priority sport and the key secondary sports. They show the requirements for the ’Priority Sport’ at various levels of play and how other ‘Secondary Sports’ can fit into the same overall space

You can download this data sheet from the Downloads section at the foot of this page.

Categories: Court markings and court dimensions


CM-13 - Basketball court line marking drawing
Court marking drawing showing dimensions of a standard basketball court
CM-10 - Mini-basketball court line marking drawing
Court marking drawing showing dimensions of a mini-basketball court
Sport England Data Sheet - Basketball
Details of Sport England requirements for basketball as a priority sport in a multi-sport sports hall